Monday, May 4, 2009

My 1st blog!

Hello my name is Hannah and this is my 1st blog entry! Ok, today I woke up feeling very sick. I got to stay home from school untill 11.15 am. Then I went to school. My teacher is having a baby any day now so we had a surprise baby shower for her. She was totally siked! It was really fun. Then I went in for free period to my math teacher and learned I failed my math test. yikes. Then I had my lunch. yum. Then gym class. yuck. Music. yuckier. then I thankfully came home and did my homework. When I was finished, I went onto my favorite site in the world: polyvore. I feel like I can express my feelings in anyway on there. Then I thought, "you know, maybe having a blog whould be fun!" and here I am. Typing on my NEW blog! This is really fun! Ok bye!

sick, tired, gross

What I'm wearing:
hot pink and navy blue striped long sleve shirt
navy blue yoga pants
Nike tennis shoes
livestong bracelt

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